As a trusted development company, Metland has experienced more than 20 years in the property sector. This success is mainly because of our capability in delivering finest property products for customer satisfaction. In developing its properties, Metland not only builds quality housing, but also helps create a beautiful and comfortable environment with the concept of green living. Metland is always making serious effort to present quality concept in building every property. Integrated facilities, accessibility and convenient living environment will provide more time to enjoy with family at home after day spent outside. It's getting complete as the value of residential investment continues to increase.



Metland brings togetherness and warmth with the family and friends. With the concept of green living, Metland residential area provide comfort and beauty of environment that can always be enjoyed anytime. Currently Metland develop seven residential project that spread in Jakarta, Bekasi and Tangerang with middle low, middle and middle up market segment


Providing Quality Commercial Project

Metland also develop commercial projects such as shopping mall and hotel located in high growth areas throughout Indonesia. Metland provide shopping mall that become family shopping and entertainment destination and also hotel with its facilities. Commercial projects are designed with a view to generate profit for booth owners and users


Making Metropolitan Life Easier

The limited land and busy city life are making high-rise buildings and high rise building to be the perfect solution for residential and business activities in one place. Metland develops high rise buildings including a combination of apartment buildings and offices. M Gold Tower is one of the apartment and office projects developed and is the first in Bekasi. Other projects that are being developed and marketed include Kaliana Apartment and One Parc Puri