Corporate Value

Metland continuously motivates and develops its personnel to be cooperative in implementing the Corporate Culture and Values that are reflected in the 5K-work ethos, 8M-spirit, and 4B-behavior, which are supported with an international standard system of management.

The 5K Work Ethos

  • Strong will and motivation
  • Continuous capability improvement
  • Persistence and optimism in every situation
  • Creative, responsible, and positive thinking
  • Good teamwork with a joyful working attitude

The 8M Spirit

  • Being open to new ideas and working them out together
  • Striving for quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness as competitive advantages
  • Empowering all people without restriction to build strong teamwork
  • Determining a clear, simple, and realistic vision to stakeholders
  • Being able to work with the utmost motivation and to share it with others
  • Achieving the maximum target with full responsibility
  • Seeing every change as an opportunity, not as a threat
  • Thinking globally and being highly confident

4B Behaviour

  • Working appropriately and effectively
  • Working with a priority to achieve the ultimate target
  • Doing the best to provide a higher contribution to the Company
  • Lending a hand to others