Thomas Johannes Angfendy

Independent Commissioner


Thomas Johannes Angfendy is an Indonesian citizen who returned in 1960. He has served as an Independent Commissioner since July 2022, previously as President Director of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (2016-2021).

He earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting Economics from the Adventist University Klabat, Manado in 1983.

Previously, he held several important positions in several companies, including Director of Global Toserco Ltd, Vietnam (1994-2010), Director of PT M Class Industry (20 2003-2005), Corporate Secretary of PT Metropolitan Land (1996-2005), Operations of PT Metropolitan Land (2004-2011), Operational Director of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (2011-2016), President Director of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (2016-2021). In addition, since 2021 until now as Independent Commissioner of PT Metropolitan Kentjana Tbk.

Affiliation: affiliation relationship with the Board od Directors but has an affiliasion relationship with other member of Board of Commisioners.