The implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility is aligned with the business activities, as well as the needs of the public and environment, by executing CSR activities that are integrated with the Company’s business. This aims to form long-term cooperation and continuous growth. Furthermore, Metland’s CSR activities also contribute to the sustainability of economic, environmental, and social aspects as part of a continuous development process.

Health Care Program

Stay healthy for a better life

The Company trough Yayasan Metropolitan Peduli or directly active to help the surrounding community to stay healthy with many activities in the areas of health. Free class for aerobic fitness, free medical treatment, blood donor, social assistance to areas affected by natural disasters and many more

Education Program

Never stop learning because life never stop teaching - pinterest

The Company conducts activities that are aligned with the business strategies and the one of company’s CSR activity covers educational program. An increase in the education of the nation will contribute in a positive way to improving the Company’s growth. Metland promotes the growth of national badminton trough Jaya Raya Metland Badminton Club, fix the school building and many education program.