18 February 2019

25 Years of Work, Metland Held Fun Run and Recorded MURI Records

Jakarta, February 17, 2019 - PT. Metropolitan Land Tbk (Metland) entered the age of silver this year and held the Metland Fun Run titled #Metlandgemilang. A healthy running activity with 5 km and 10 km category, which were participated by more than 7,000 consumers, Metland employees and the general public, aimed to show the story of Metland's turning point since 1994 and at the same time to appreciate the contributions of employees and satisfied consumers.

In the series of 25th Anniversary events this year, Metland managed to record a MURI Record for the Largest Painting made from Rubik's Cube in Indonesia along with famous magician in Indonesia, Denny Darko to complete it. This is a symbol of the synergy between stakeholders and management to support Metland reaching the age of 25 years and continues to grow in the homeland property industry.

The Metland Fun Run event was welcomed by the community. The fulfillment of the participants' quota showed the enthusiasm of the participants and also the support of many partners to support the success of this event, one of which was the support of dozens of F & B tenants from Metropolitan Mall Bekasi, Grand Metropolitan and the Metrolitan Mall Cileungsi to enliven the event. To increase ties with running participants, Metland distributed Metland Cards e-money, loyalty card that can be connected to all Metland networks which also function as generally accepted e-money. Shopping transactions of participants during the Metland Fun Run program must use the e-money Metland Card.

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