17 May 2019

Metland Held AGMS & EGMS

Jakarta, May 17 2019 - PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (MTLA) held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) and General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) (17/5) to report the fiscal year ending December 31, 2018.


The Metland AGMS for fiscal year 2018 held in Jakarta was attended by the Board of Commissioners and Directors of the Company and included five AGMS agendas; approval of the Annual Report including approval of the Financial Statements and Board of Commissioners Supervisory Report for 2018 fiscal year 2018; approval of the use of the Company's profits for 2018 fiscal year; approval for the appointment of Public Accountant to audit the Financial Statements for 2019 fiscal year; approval for determination of salaries, honorariums and other benefits for members of the Board of Commissioners and Directors; and affirmation of the composition of the members of the Board of Directors. While the agenda of the Metland EGMS is approval to amend article 3 of the Articles of Association to be adjusted in accordance to KBLI 2017.

In the 2018 fiscal year, Metland received a net profit of Rp.482 billion or an increase of 6.65% from last year and will distribute a cash dividend of 15% which will be distributed to shareholders of 7,655,126,330 shares or Rp.9.40 per share. The value of the Company's assets in 2018 grew by 7.78%, which reached Rp 5.2 trillion. While the increase in the Company's equity was 14.6% to IDR 3.44 trillion in 2018.


The total value of the Company's revenues during 2018 was Rp1.4 trillion, an increase of 9.12% compared to the revenue in 2017 which was recorded by the Company at Rp1.3 trillion. The increase in income was due to an increase in property sales by Rp.868.4 billion, up 12.42% compared to the previous year amounting to Rp772.5 billion.

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