11 November 2019

Metland Cibitung Wins Green Property Award

PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (Metland) once again won the 2019 Green Property Awards through the Metland Cibitung business unit in the Green Transportation category in Jakarta (11/20). The award was received by Kukilo Tranggono, General Manager of Metland Cibitung.

Green transportation is given to developers whose business units are integrated with mass transportation routes. Metland Cibitung in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation has operated the Metland Telaga Murni train station. In addition to facilitating access for residents, integration with the Metland Telaga Murni train station also opens new prospects for Metland Cibitung.

Green Property Awards is a form of appreciation given to developers for their commitment in developing sustainable green property concepts, while providing guidance to consumers in choosing properties.

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