01 October 2022

Grand Metropolitan Presents Various Indonesian Batiks

Propertynbank — Since batik was inaugurated as an Indonesian cultural heritage on October 2 2009, the development of batik in Indonesia has accelerated. Various kinds of batik with new motifs and patterns with more attractive colors are increasing.

Celebrate the National Batik Day 2022, Grand Metropolitan Bekasi presents an activity with the theme "The Enchantment of Batik Nusantara". A series of activities that introduce a variety of Nusantara batik as well as efforts to bring Nusantara batik creations closer to daily entertainment destinations (malls), so that education on the importance and value of the values of Nusantara's work can be achieved.

Director of PT Metropolitan Land TBK Santoso said The charm of Batik Nusantara includes offering interesting activities that Grand Metropolitan visitors can enjoy through the period from 01 to 09 October 2022.

“This event is a means for the community to get information about batik and handicrafts, which can provide an interesting experience for visitors. The batik industry players also have the means to be able to develop creative and innovative ideas so as to produce exclusive products with high selling value,” explained Santoso, Director of PT Metropolitan Land tbk at the opening ceremony (1/10).

This series of events is also complemented by exhibitions of Nusantara batik collections from a number of well-known fashion designers such as Dian Pelangi, Bekasi Batik Collection, Pulasaran Batik, KJ Batik Ethnic, Vio Vibes, Indadari Batik, Sakera Batik, to Trusmi Batik which is located in the Main Atrium Grand Metropolitan Bekasi, and various fashion show competitions for children and adults, batik training, talk shows about batik that can be attended for free, beauty classes, exhibitions and photography competitions to blood donations.

"We hope that people will be able to get to know batik more broadly so that they can develop batik business actors, especially UMKM," he concluded.

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