14 November 2022

Public Expose Event Holds by Metland

PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (MTLA), at the third Quarter (Q3) of 2022 just posted about IDR 995 billion or grew by 67% from the previous year in the same period of IDR 596 billion. The MTLA's net profit at the third quarter of 2022 was IDR 269 billion or an increase of 33%, compared to the same period of IDR 202 billion. "The company's profit has increased, which supported by an increase in revenue from the property sales in residential business unit, as well as an increase in the mall and hotel business units, which are again very busy lately," said Olivia Surodjo, The Director of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk at Public Expose event regarding the Company's performance and plans for project development ( 14/11).

Meanwhile, Metland Menteng & Wisteria; Metland Puri and The Riviera at Puri; Metland Cileungsi and Metland Cibitung have contributed the most to the Company's sales revenue. "The amount of sales from houses for occupancy are quite good and growing, meanwhile the largest contribution to recurring income growth is from Metropolitan Mall Bekasi, Grand Metropolitan, and hotel occupancy which increased rapidly compared to last year," continued Olivia.

Then it continues to the Company's marketing sales version of the revenue until the third Quarter (Q3) of 2022 which has reached IDR 1.36 trillion, or 76% from the 2022 target. This income was contributed by property sales of IDR 1.04 trillion and recurring income of IDR 322 billion. "We are optimistic that by the end of the year we could reach the set target of IDR 1.8 trillion," said Anhar Sudradjat, The President Director of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk.

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