13 January 2023

Caprina Metland Puri, Offers Full Furnished House

After starting to market type Caprina in December 2022, Metland Puri presents a show unit for type Caprina that can be seen by prospective customers. Prospective customers can see the real arrangement of space and feel the comfort of type Caprina.

Type Caprina is located in the Oxalis Metland Puri cluster area, carrying the concept of Compact Urban Living with a compact design presenting a multifunctional and flexible room, thus creating freedom and balance for residents to rest and gather with family. Type Caprina is a residence with a Japanese Scandinavian Style design complete with canopy and stylish conwood accents maximizing the existing space.

Cluster Oxalis emphasizes environmentally friendly and green areas equipped with in-area facilities such as a club house complete with a swimming pool to a lake recreation area where residents can relax for a moment from the fatigue of activities. Caprina type is a modern tropical residence that is more upgraded than the previous type with a selection of bright colors, elegant glass interior design and tall planter boxes that create a more private and exclusive home impression.

Type Caprina comes with 21 units with 2 types, namely type A land area (LT) 55 square meters, building area (LB) 58 square meters and type B land area (LT) 60 square meters, building area (LB) 62 square meters with prices starting from Rp1.5 billions. In addition, type Caprina is equipped with smart home systems such as smart door locks and surveillance cameras.

Another interesting thing is that type Caprina comes with furniture, where prospective customers can take advantage of a selection of furnished package offers such as kitchen sets, sofas, dining tables, etc. in collaboration with BeeDécor.

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