16 September 2023

Metland Plans to Plant 30 Thousand Trees

PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (Metland) plans to plant 30 thousand trees by 2024 as part of a series of activities to welcome the company's 30th anniversary.

The launch was carried out symbolically at the Metland Cibitung project by planting a thousand rainbow trees by Metland Cibitung consumers and distributing a thousand tree seedlings to local residents (16/9). Previously, tree planting had also been carried out at the Metland Cikarang project.

The tree planting activity at Metland Cibitung is also intended as an appreciation for Metland Cibitung consumers who have joined the Metland family as residents, and is in line with the development of the green development concept at Metland Cibitung.

As part of a series to meet the number of 30 thousand trees to be planted, tree planting activities will be carried out again throughout the 20 Metland projects on Indonesian Tree Planting Day (HMPI) which is celebrated every November 28 2023.