07 October 2023

Celebrating Anniversary, YMP Holds Free Treatment

The Metropolitan Cares Foundation (YMP) is a social foundation formed by PT Metopolitan Land Tbk (Metland) celebrating its 23rd anniversary by holding free mass treatment for 1,000 patients at Metland Cikarang (7/10).

In this mass treatment, YMP collaborated with Mitra Keluarga Hospital with activities including examinations, administering medication and free health complaint consultations. This activity involved 10 doctors and 10 paramedics on duty from Mitra Keluarga Hospital to YMP's friends who were also Metland employees. YMP also distributes basic necessities to people who take part in free treatment.

On the same occasion, YMP also carried out mass circumcision social activities located at the Marketing Gallery, Metland Cibitung in collaboration with Cibitung Medika Hospital. This activity is a form of YMP's concern for health which supports children's development. A total of 30 children aged 5 to 10 years have registered to take part in this free mass circumcision which involves 3 doctors and 5 paramedics.

Apart from that, YMP which focuses on social, health and educational activities also has several activities scheduled until the end of the year, such as blood donation (9/10) located in the main atrium, Grand Metropolitan, free cataract surgery in collaboration with EMC Pekayon Hospital (15/ 10), mass treatment and other activities.

The initiatives that have been carried out or will be carried out by YMP are part of a series of social activities to work together and build a sense of concern for helping others.

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