02 April 2018

Metland Achieved PRIA 2018

PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (Metland) Through the Metland Card program - My Precious One, was awarded in the PR Indonesia Awards (PRIA) 2018, for the PR Marketing Category - Private Subcategory Tbk. The award was received directly by General Manager of Corporate Communications and Customer Relations Management of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk, Lily Nurlita in the event that was held alongside the folk festival titled Mlaku-Mlaku Nan Tunjungan along Jalan Tunjungan Raya, Surabaya (29/4).

PR Indonesia Awards is the most comprehensive level of public relations competition. This competition is held to reward every creativity of public relations / public relations (PR) that is able to realize the credibility & innovation of companies / institutions / organizations.

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