04 May 2018

Yuk! Punya Rumah, Great Solution to Own a House from Metland

PT. Metropolitan Land, Tbk. (Metland) presents the latest promo program, Yuk! Punya Rumah (3/5). This program offers a variety of benefits for every potential customer of Metland during the period of May to August 2018. Metland believes this program will be able to boost sales figures and is also optimistic this program is a perfect solution for potential customers who are often hesitant to buy property.

Almost all of Metland's residential projects participated in the Yuk! Punya Rumah program, such as Metland Menteng, Metland Puri, Metland Transyogi, Metland Tambun, Metland Cibitung, Metland Cileungsi and Kaliana Apartment. Products included in this program also vary, from home stock, indent house, lot and shop.

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